On Location Pet Photography in Grand Rapids, MI & Greater West Michigan

Document you and your best friend interacting and having fun in a very relaxed photo shoot. Set up a pet and people photo shoot in your home, backyard, at the park or any other public location that allows pets. Pet Photography Packages starting at $100 and include lots of play time and treats.

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Pet & People Photo Sessions

Treat yourself and your pet(s) to a family pet photo session.

Think about the memories you have with your pets, the happy howls and purring when you get home from work, the wet kisses and warm snuggles when you least expect, and the comfort they give with each and every hug. It’s time to document the loving relationship you have and bring those moments to life. Pets are as much family as anyone and we know you treat them like your children. A forever portrait in their forever home will always bring a smile to your face.

Pet(s) & People Photo Session

This is the session to completely spoil the whole family.

Pet Photo Session

Do your children have 4 legs? They will be the center of attention in this photo shoot.

Mini Pet(s) & People Photo Session

The perfect session if you just want a few images of your pet family.

What are you waiting for? The time is now.

But my pet is Difficult to get photos of…

Every pet has the ability to shine in front of the camera. Training level should not be a problem. I have photographed both curious puppies and well trained older dogs. We just have to make sure the photo session is in a location where they feel the most comfortable. Pet’s can have their own idea of how a session is going to go, so plan on bringing extra patience for your pet’s new modeling gig. I like to photograph pets where they are comfortable for this reason, whether that is at your home or their favorite park. We always have some of your pet’s favorite treats or toys handy to get their attention. Practicing their best tricks for the big day always helps too! 


Meet the Photographer

Hello, I am Sara and look forward to photographing you and your special furry member of the family. With several years experience photographing pets and a huge heart for animals, I guarantee beautiful portraits that you and your family will love. The goal for each pet photo shoot is to capture the uniqueness of your pet in their environment and keep the portraits as natural as possible.


Your Pet is A Work of Art.

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